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MSC, AUX. FORCE The NFAF provides direct support for Navy combatant ships allowing them to remain at sea for extended periods of time. These ships perform underway replenishment services for Navy battle groups and deliver food, fuel, spare parts and ammunition. Some NFAF ships provide ocean towing and salvage services. NFAF ships are crewed by civil service mariners and each ship carries Navy departments ranging in size from four to forty-five people. Civilian crews operate the ships and perform underway replenishment and provide other logistics services to the fleet. Military personnel provide communications support, coordinate supply operations and conduct military helicopter operations. In addition to logistics operations, the NFAF has two hospital ships, USNS Mercy (AH 19) and USNS Comfort (AH 20), designed to provide emergency on-site medical care for our US forces in a war or contingency. These two ships are maintained in an Reduced Operating Status (ROS) but can be fully operational, crewed, and ready for deployment within five days with 1,200 active duty medical personnel and 70 civil service mariners. 8/12/2016 11:16:44 AM