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Status of Service Craft

Each hull listed in the NVR has been categorized into a specific status grouping. These status groups identify where a particular hull is in its life cycle and the date it attained that status. Select a specific group for the definition of the status category or select Service Craft Status Summaries for listings of ships assigned a particular status.

US Navy Service Craft:
   Authorized Inactive
   Under Construction Leased
   Active Loan
   Stricken Disposed
Maritime Administration (MARAD)
   MARAD Custody


Funding approved by Act of Congress for new construction or conversion.

Under Construction

Contract has been awarded to a builder for new construction or conversion.


A ship or service craft that has been formally accepted by the Navy that is either in-service or in commission.


A ship or service craft that has been taken out of commission or out of service for retention as a mobilization asset or for pending disposal.


A ship or service craft that has been inactivated and leased to a foreign government for a specified period of time with title retained by the US Navy.


A ship or service craft owned by the US Navy and loaned to contractors or scientific institutions.


A ship or service craft formally removed from the Naval Vessel Register by SECNAV on recommendation of CNO. A legal preliminary to disposal.


Navy assets must first be Stricken from the Naval Vessel Register before they can be disposed. Once stricken their disposition can be by several methods:
  • Scrapping
  • Transfer to MARAD
  • Foreign transfer
  • Experimental/target
  • Donation
  • Historic memorial
  • Transfer to other government/non-government agencies
  • Navy sale

MARAD Custody

Ships or service craft maintained and laid up at MARAD facilities on a temporary basis when the Navy cannot accommodate the assets at its inactive fleet facilities. During this lay-up period, the Navy pays rent to MARAD for the pier space.