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In 1951, as a result of lessons learned from World War II, the Navy Ship Scheduling Activity was established to support the Bureau of Ships to promote efficiency in the shipbuilding industry by prioritizing material to meet construction requirements in the acquisition process. In 1982, the office was renamed the NAVSEA Shipbuilding Support Office with the mission to monitor Navy shipbuilding programs and the health of the industrial base.


"To support the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM) and other customers in the execution of shipbuilding and major weapons acquisition programs through manufacturing, engineering and industrial planning, and to perform such other functions as may be directed by higher authority. (NAVSEAINST 5450.45A)


  • Centralized NAVSEA technical source for performing assessments of the industrial base capability and capacity to execute U.S. Navy shipbuilding and major weapon acquisition programs as required by Department of Defense acquisition regulations.
  • Provide technical support for all phases of ship acquisition programs including source selection, contract award and surveillance, construction monitoring, analysis of shipbuilding technology, and cost and schedule analysis.
  • Perform annual surveys of shipyards and shipboard equipment and system manufacturers in order to determine, validate, and record their capabilities, capacities, facilities, workload, manufacturing lead times, foreign dependencies, financial viability, and overall ability to support U. S. Navy shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair.
  • Develop and maintain the industrial base relational database.
  • Centralized data collection for Navy ship construction programs.
  • Support development of the Department of Defense "Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress."
  • Provide analysis and technical support for Navy wargaming requirements.
  • Maintain the congressionally mandated Naval Vessel Register (NVR) which serves as the official inventory of U.S. Navy ships and service craft.
  • Provide program management, analysis, special studies, and technical support for shipbuilding, ship maintenance and repair, training, and logistic requirements.


NAVSHIPSO Organizational Capabilities

  • Industrial Base Data and Assessments
  • Manufacturer & Vendor Risk Analyses
  • Equipment & System Procurement Evaluations
  • Cost Trends and Forecasting


  • Program Development Support
  • Advance Planning
  • Schedule Network Development/Review
  • Performance and Cost Analyses
  • Shipyard Surveys and Assessments
  • Shipyard Facilities Data
  • Wargame Support