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Description                                         Symbol

Crane ship                                          AB
Advanced Base Dock                                  ABD
Advanced Base Section Dock                          ABSD
Collier                                             AC
Auxiliary Mine Layer                                ACM
Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier                          ACV
Degaussing Ship                                     ADG
Store Ship                                          AF
Auxiliary Floating Dock                             AFD
Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock Little (Concrete)       AFDL (C)
Icebreaker                                          AGB
Amphibious Force Flagship                           AGC
Seagoing Dredge                                     AGD
Escort Research Ship                                AGDE
Hydrofoil Research Ship                             AGEH
Auxiliary General Frigate                           AGFF
Patrol Combatant Support Ship                       AGHS
Lighthouse Tender                                   AGL
Major Communications Relay Ship                     AGMR
Patrol Craft Tender                                 AGP
Radar Picket Ship                                   AGR
Coastal Surveying Ship                              AGSC
Satellite Launching Ship                            AGSL
Technical Research Ship                             AGTR
Evacuation Hospital Ship                            AHP
Attack Cargo Ship                                   AKA
Cargo Dock Ship                                     AKD
General Store Ship Issue                            AKI
Light Cargo Ship                                    AKL
Net Cargo Ship                                      AKN
Stores Issue Ship                                   AKS
Cargo Submarine                                     AKSS
Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry                       AKV
Lightship                                           AL
Auxiliary Lighter Ship                              ALS
Minesweeper                                         AM
Minesweeper, Harbor                                 AMb
Coastal Minesweeper                                 AMc
Mine Hunter                                         AMCU
Motor Minesweeper                                   AMS
Net Laying Ship                                     AN
Net Laying Ship                                     ANL
Submarine Oiler                                     AOSS
Attack Transport                                    APA
Self-propelled Barracks Ship                        APB
Small Coastal Transport                             APC
High Speed Transport                                APD
Administrative Flagship                             APF
Support Gunnery Ship                                APG
Transport Fitted for Evacuation of Wounded          APH
Mechanized - Artillery Transport                    APM
Non - Mechanized - Artillery Transport              APN
Troop Barge Class A                                 APP
Rescue Transport                                    APR
Transport Submarine                                 APS
Transport Submarine                                 APSS
Transport and Aircraft Ferry                        APV
Base Repair Ship                                    ARb
Battle Damage Repair Ship                           ARB
Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship              ARG
Heavy - Hull Repair Ship                            ARH
Repair Ship, Small                                  ARL
Heavy - Machinery Repair Ship                       ARM
Salvage Lifting Ship                                ARSD
Salvage Craft Tender                                ARST
Aircraft Repair Ship                                ARV
Aircraft Repair Ship, Aircraft                      ARVA
Aircraft Repair Ship, Engine                        ARVE
Aircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter                    ARVH
Cargo Submarine                                     ASSA
Transport Submarine                                 ASSP
Ocean Going Tug                                     AT
Tank Landing Craft                                  ATL
Auxiliary - Ocean Tug, Old                          ATO
Rescue Ocean Tug                                    ATR
Auxiliary Training Submarine                        ATSS
Seaplane Tender                                     AV
Large Catapult Lighter                              AVC
Seaplane Tender Destroyer                           AVD
Aircraft Escort Vessel                              AVG
Guided Missile Ship                                 AVM
Small Seaplane Tender                               AVP
Aircraft Rescue Vessel                              AVR
Aviation Supply Ship                                AVS
Distilling Ship                                     AW
Aircraft Rescue Vessel Water Tanker                 AWK
Airship Tender (Lighter than Air)                   AZ
Guided Missile Capitol Ship                         BBG
Monitor                                             BM
Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser                        CAG
Large Cruiser                                       CB
Large Tactical Command Ship                         CBC
Command Ship                                        CC
Flying Deck Cruiser                                 CF
Light Cruiser                                       CL
Anti - Aircraft Light Cruiser                       CLAA
Tactical Command Ship                               CLC
Guided Missile Light Cruiser                        CLG
Cruiser - Hunter Killer                             CLK
Mine Layer                                          CM
Coastal Mine Layer                                  CMC
Coastal Patrol Boat                                 CPC
Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft               CPIC
Attack Aircraft Carrier                             CVA
Attack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear propulsion)        CVAN
Aircraft Carrier - Large                            CVB
Escort Aircraft Carrier                             CVE
Assault Helicopter Aircraft Carrier                 CVHA
Escort Helicopter Aircraft Carrier                  CVHE
Small Aircraft Carrier                              CVL
ASW Support Aircraft Carrier                        CVS
Training Aircraft Carrier                           CVT
Utility Aircraft Carrier                            CVU
Corvette                                            DDC
Anti - Submarine Destroyer                          DDE
Hunter Killer Destroyer                             DDK
Radar Picket Destroyer                              DDR
Escort Ship                                         DE
Control Escort Ship                                 DEC
Guided Missile Escort Ship                          DEG
Radar Picket Escort Ship                            DER
Aegis Missile Destroyer                             DG
Frigate                                             DL
Guided Missile Frigate                              DLG
Guided Missile Frigate (Nuclear propulsion)         DLGN
Minelayer, Destroyer                                DM
Minesweeper, Destroyer                              DMS
Surface Effect Destroyer                            DS
Open Lighter, Experimental                          EYC
Covered Lighters, Experimental                      EYFN
Fast Deployment Logistics Ship                      FDL
Unclassified Miscellaneous Submarine                IXSS
Landing Craft Infantry (Flotilla Flagship)          LCFF
Landing Craft Infantry (Gunboat)                    LCIG
Landing Craft Infantry (Large)                      LCIL
Landing Craft Infantry (Mortar)                     LCIM
Landing Craft Infantry (Rocket)                     LCIR
Landing Craft, Infantry (Small)                     LCIS
Landing Craft Vehicle                               LCV
Inshore Fire Support Ship                           LFR
Amphibious Fire Support Ship                        LFS
Amphibious Transport                                LPA
Amphibious Transport, Small                         LPR
Amphibious Transport Submarine                      LPSS
Flotilla Flagship Landing Ship                      LSFF
Landing Ship, Infantry Gunboat                      LSIG
Infantry Landing Ship (Large)                       LSIL
Landing Ship, Infantry (Mortar)                     LSIM
Landing Ship, Infantry (Rocket)                     LSIR
Medium Landing Ship (Rocket)                        LSMR
Support Landing Ship (Large) Mark III               LSSL
Landing Ship, Tank (Casualty Evacuation)            LSTH
Landing Ship, Utility                               LSTS
Vehicle Landing Ship                                LSV
Small Mine Countermeasures Ship                     MCSL
Minelayer, Fleet                                    MM
Minelayer, Auxiliary                                MMA
Minelayer, Coastal                                  MMC
Minelayer, Fast                                     MMD
Minelayer, Fleet                                    MMF
Minesweeper Coastal, Non - magnetic                 MSC
Minesweeper Coastal, Old                            MSCO
Minesweeper, Fleet Steel Hull                       MSF
Mine Hunter                                         MSH
Minesweeping, Special (Device)                      MSS
Control Submarine Chaser (173 ft)                   PCC
Patrol Escort                                       PCE
Control Escort (180 ft)                             PCEC
Patrol Rescue Escort                                PCER
Patrol Craft, Submarine                             PCS
Control Submarine Chaser (136 ft)                   PCSC
Eagle                                               PE
Patrol Escort                                       PF
Motor Gunboat                                       PGM
Patrol Combatant Missile (Hydrofoil)                PHM
River Gunboat                                       PR
Motor Torpedo Boat                                  PT
Motor Boat - Subchaser                              PTC
Control Submarine Chaser (110 ft)                   SCC
Fleet Submarine                                     SF
Mine Laying Submarine                               SM
Submarine Cargo                                     SSA
Auxiliary Submarine                                 SSAG
Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine                   SSB
Guided Missile Submarine                            SSG
Anti - Submarine, Submarine                         SSK
Submarine Oiler                                     SSO
Submarine Transport                                 SSP
Radar Picket Submarine                              SSR
Radar Picket Submarine (Nuclear propulsion)         SSRN
Target and Training Submarine                       SST
Tank Lighter                                        TLL
Sweeper Device                                      XMAP
Ash Lighter                                         YA
Miscellaneous Auxiliary Service Craft               YAG
Ocean Radar Station Ship                            YAGR
Bow Dock                                            YBD
Fueling Barge                                       YCD
Open Cargo Lighter                                  YCK
Degaussing Vessels                                  YDG
Ammunition Lighter                                  YE
Covered Lighter (Special Purpose)                   YFNG
Torpedo Transportation Lighter                      YFT
Ambulance Boat                                      YH
House Boat                                          YHB
Salvage Lift Craft, Heavy                           YHLC
Scow - Heating                                      YHT
Open Landing Lighter                                YLA
Salvage Lift Craft, Light                           YLLC
Mud Scow                                            YMD
Salvage Lift Craft, Medium                          YMLC
Motor Mine Planter                                  YMP
Auxiliary Motor Mine Sweeper                        YMS
Motor Tug                                           YMT
Net Tender (Boom)                                   YN
Net Tender (Tug Class)                              YNT
Pontoon Stowage Barge                               YPK
Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge (Large)          YRBML
Submarine Rescue Chamber                            YRC
Covered Lighter (Repair)                            YRL
Stevedoring Barge                                   YS
Salvage Pontoon                                     YSP
Harbor Tug                                          YT
Catapult Lighter                                    YVC
Water Distilling Barge                              YWDN

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